• Solid-sealed Pole Current & Voltage Combined Transformers

    Solid-sealed Pole Current & Voltage Combined Transformers

    Solid-sealed pole current and voltage combination transformer is used in 10kV distribution network feeders and column switches, with a voltage level of (10-35) kV and a frequency of 50Hz.

  • Series EVT/ZW32-10 Voltage Transformers

    Series EVT/ZW32-10 Voltage Transformers

    Series EVT/ZW32–10 voltage transformers is a new type of high voltage measurement and protection transformers, mainly matched with outdoor ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker. The transformers has powerful functions, the small signal output ,don’t need secondary PT conversion, and can be directly connected to secondary equipment through A/D conversion, which meets the development of “digital, intelligent and networked” and “integrated automation system of substation”.

    Structural features: The voltage part of this series of transformers adopts capacitive or resistive voltage division, epoxy resin casting, and a silicone rubber sleeve

  • Series YTJLW10-720 Voltage Transformers

    Series YTJLW10-720 Voltage Transformers

    Series YTJLW10-720 phase sequence, zero sequence voltage and current transformer is a kind of AC transformers with technical specifications that conform to the primary and secondary fusion equipment of the State Grid and in accordance with T/CES 018-2018 “Distribution Network 10kV and 20kV AC Transformers Technical Conditions”.Voltage, current and power transformers are built into the product, which can be directly assembled with the circuit breaker to form an intelligent vacuum circuit breaker.easy to install, low power consumption, high accuracy and stable measurement.

  • Series ZTEPT-10 Electronic Voltage Transformers

    Series ZTEPT-10 Electronic Voltage Transformers

    The ZTEPT-10 electronic voltage transformer is a new 10kV electronic voltage transformer for charging,The transformer is mainly used for charging intelligent terminals and is widely used in various power distribution systems