Series SUP600 High Power Resistor

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Mainly used as a snubber resistor to compensate the C-R peaks in traction power supplies. Furthermore for speed drives, power supplies, control devices and robotics. The easy mounting fixture guarantees an auto-calibrated pressure to the cooling plate of about 300 N.

■600W operating power

■Non-Inductive design

■ROHS compliant

■Materials in accordance with UL 94 V-0

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Derating (thermal resist.) SUP600: 8.47W/K (0.12 K/W)
Power rating: 600 W at 85°C bottom case temperature
This value is only applicable when using a thermal conduction to the heat sink Rth-cs<0.025K/W. This value can be obtained by using a thermal transfer compound with a heat conductivity of at least 1 W/mK. The flatness of the cooling plate must be better than 0.05 mm overall. Surface roughness should not exceed 6.4 μm.

Dimensions in millimeters

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Resistance ranges 0.1 Ω ≤ 0.2Ω (HC-version)> 0.2Ω ≤ 1 MΩ (higher values on request)
Resistance Tolerance  ±5% to ± 10 % ±1 % to ±2 % on special request for limited ohmic values with the reduction of the max. power / pulse rating (ask for details)
Temperature Coefficient  ±500PPM/℃(0.1 Ω ≤ 0.2Ω) standard±150PPM/℃(> 0.25 Ω ≤ 1 MΩ) standardlower TCR on special request for limited ohmic values
Power rating 600 W at 85°C bottom case temperature
Short time overload  720 W at 70°C for 10sec., ΔR = 0.4% max.
Maximum operating voltage 5,000 V DC = 3.500 V AC RMS (50 Hz) higher voltage on request, not exceeding max. power
Electric strength voltage 7 kVrms / 50 Hz / 500 VA, test time 1 minbetween terminal und case (up to 12 kVrms on request)voltages above 10 kVrms are tested at DC equivalent to avoid predamage of component
Insulation resistance > 10 GΩ at 1,000 V
Single shot voltage up to 12 kV norm wave (1.5/50 μsec)
Creeping distance > 29mm (standard, higher on request)
Air distance > 14 mm (standard, higher on request)
Inductance ≤ 80 nH (typical), measuring frequency 10 kHz
Capacity/mass ≤ 140 pF (typical), measuring frequency 10 kHz
Capacity/parallel ≤ 40 pF (typical), measuring frequency 10 kHz
Operating temperature -55°C to +155°C
Mounting - torque for contacts 1.8 Nm to 2 Nm
Mounting - torque 1.6 Nm to 1.8 Nm M4 screws
Cable variation available on request HV-cable / Flying leads (ask for details)
Standard cable type H&S Radox 9 GKW AX 1,5mm2 (other cable types on special request)
Weight ~73.3g

Ordering Information

Type ohmic ValueTOL
 SUP600 100K 5%

Company Profile

SHENZHEN SONGHOO CO., LTD. develops and produces functionally critical components along the entire energy value chain. Our products make an important contribution to the efficient and sustainable generation, transmission, storage and use of energy. SONGHOO power electronics components, components for e-mobility are used around the world in applications like vehicles, ships, aircraft, wind power turbines or power grids.

Mainly engaged in the research and development and production of thick film non-inductive high-power resistors and high-voltage and ultra-high voltage resistors; It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in special resistors;

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About Us (3)


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