• What is a high voltage power supply?

    High voltage power supply (HVPS) also known as DC high voltage generator, is the traditional name of high voltage power supply, refers to mainly used for insulation and leakage detection of high voltage power supply, now high voltage power supply and high voltage generator has no strict Principle...
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  • What is a Thick Film Resistor?

    Thick film resistor definition: It is  the resistor which is characterized by a thick film resistive layer over a ceramic base. As compared to the thin-film resistor, this resistor’s appearance is similar but their manufacturing procedure and properties are not the same....
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  • Thick film resistors market

    “Thick film resistor Market” size,scope, and forecast 2023-2030 report has been added to Market Research Archive of Kingpin Market Research. Industry experts and researchers have offered an authoritative and concise analysis of the Global Thick Film Resistors Market with...
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  • Power electronic transformers: A review

    The medium frequency transformer is a key component for the design of input–output isolated converter design when the isolation and/or voltage matching is needed. These kinds of converters are used in different applications such as battery based energy storage systems, t...
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