Series SUPT400 High Power Resistor

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For variable speed drives , Power supplies,control devices,robotics,motor control and other power designs, the easy mounting fixture assures a pressure of the cooling plate of about 300N.

■400W operating power

■Non-Inductive design

■ROHS compliant

■High insulation & partial discharge performance

■Materials in accordance with UL 94 V-0

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Derating (thermal resist.) SUPT400: 5.65W/K (0.18 K/W)
Power rating: 400 W at 85°C bottom case temperature
This value is only applicable when using a thermal conduction to the heat sink Rth-cs<0.025K/W. This value can be obtained by using a thermal transfer compound with a heat conductivity of at least 1 W/mK. The flatness of the cooling plate must be better than 0.05 mm overall. Surface roughness should not exceed 6.4 μm.

Dimensions in millimeters

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Resistance ranges 0.5 Ω ≤ 1M Ω
Resistance Tolerance  ±5% to ± 10 %±1 % to ±2 % on special request for limited ohmic values with the reduction of the max. power / pulse rating (ask for details)
Temperature Coefficient  ±150PPM/℃ lower TCR on special request for limited ohmic values
Power rating 400 W at 85°C bottom case temperature
Short time overload  480 W at 70°C for 10sec., ΔR = 0.4% max.
Maximum operating voltage 5,000 V DC = 3.500 V AC RMS (50 Hz) higher voltage on request, not exceeding max. power
Electric strength voltage 7 kVrms / 50 Hz / 500 VA, test time 1 min between terminal und case (up to 12 kVrms on request)voltages above 10 kVrms are tested at DC equivalent to avoid pre damage of component
Insulation resistance > 10 GΩ at 1,000 V
Single shot voltage up to 12 kV norm wave (1.5/50 μsec)
Inductance ≤ 80 nH (typical), measuring frequency 10 kHz
Capacity/mass ≤ 110 pF (typical), measuring frequency 10 kHz
Capacity/parallel ≤ 40 pF (typical), measuring frequency 10 kHz
Operating temperature -55°C to +155°C
Mounting - torque for contacts 1.8 Nm to 2 Nm
Mounting - torque 1.6 Nm to 1.8 Nm M4 screws
Weight ~49.5g

Ordering Information

Type ohmic ValueTOL
 SUP400 30K 5%

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