Power electronic transformers: A review

The medium frequency transformer is a key component for the design of input–output isolated converter design when the isolation and/or voltage matching is needed. These kinds of converters are used in different applications such as battery based energy storage systems, the high voltage DC conversion, grid interfaces of renewable energy sources, etc. Design at the high frequency significantly decreases the size and improves the efficiency of the power transformer.

With the recent advancements of soft magnetic core materials and switching devices, the high frequency transformers become more interesting not only as a part of power converters but also as a replacement of conventional line frequency transformers. In this detailed review study, studies on the design of the power transformers used in power electronic converters are examined and their application areas, operating frequency values, core material types are investigated and classified. In addition, the design methodology is proposed with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software and a power electronic transformer is designed with the different core materials.

Use of medium frequency transformers have been extended by the realization of improved power switches and core materials. New generation power switches are designed to operate under higher voltage and frequency compared with the former ones. New core materials and sizing methodology also help to minimize the transformer design. Medium and high frequency transformers embedded into power electronic converters are required to provide isolation and and/or voltage matching and used in different applications such as renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies and energy storage systems.

Series YTJLW10-720 phase sequence, zero sequence voltage and current transformer is a kind of AC transformers with technical specifications that conform to the primary and secondary fusion equipment of the State Grid and in accordance with T/CES 018-2018 "Distribution Network 10kV and 20kV AC Transformers Technical Conditions".

Voltage, current and power transformers are built into the product, which can be directly assembled with the circuit breaker to form an intelligent vacuum circuit breaker.easy to install, low power consumption, high accuracy and stable measurement.

Post time: Mar-01-2023